How We Work

1. Get in touch with us. Give us an idea of your approximate budget and we'll take detailed information about the make, model of the car you'd like to buy and any other requirements you may have.

2. We then provide you with details of cars in upcoming auctions that match your criteria, and if necessary arrange for an inspection of a car by a qualified mechanic prior to bidding.

3. Once you have agreed on a car you wish to buy, we will undertake the bid process for you. We will bid on the car up to your budget limit, unless the car sells for less than your maximum price in which case we will obtain it for you at for lowest possible amount.

4. We then transfer the registered ownership to you.

5. We are able to help every step of the way with regards to the completion of all paperwork matters (see sidebar for more download links).

  1. Power of Attorney (Ininjo) This is to enable us to act on your behalf with regards to submitting applications for name changes
  2. Relinquish of Ownership Paper (Jotosho) For use when selling vehicles or exporting a vehicle out of Japan
  3. Parking Permit Application Form This is an outline (in Japanese) of the steps involved with submitting an application for a Parking Permit which is compulsory for all vehicles in Japan. It is actually best to obtain an original carbon copy 4 page application from the authorities as this will save filling out every page.

6. We can also help you to sell your existing car.